The WWE2K League's rules.

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The WWE2K League's rules.

Post by Bryan Travis on Mon 31 Aug - 20:57

Every leagues has rules. So does this one. It is important to follow them, to NOT get any punishments. There are not that many rules, so it's not too hard to forget them. If you follow them, you WILL have a great future in this wrestling league.

Rule 1: If you're not going to be at a show/ppv, YOU MUST TELL ME IN A PM! I have let that slide for a while but now, It's just getting annoying. So, if you miss three shows, almost in a row, without telling me, you will get punished.

Rule 2: It is unlikely that I will allow you to edit something in your attributes, moveset, etc but I still might do so. You can NOT edit your character without telling me.

Rule 3: Do not spam during the whole match. I'm not saying do not do any running attacks, grapples or anything like that at all but be moderate with them. Use different moves. It is a wrestling simulation game after all not an MLG fighting game.

Rule 4: You are allowed to change wrestlers 3 times during a season. If you want to change wrestlers after you did so 3 times during a season already well you can't. But you can trade wrestlers with someone else. For example, if you want to trade with an user your Kevin Owens character for someone else's Cesaro and the person accepts well you are free to do so. You will be able to change wrestlers again after the season is over.

Rule 5: The WWE2K League, as much as it was made for titles, it was made for fun too. Don't become too much of a sore loser if you lose a match, and don't keep asking for titles matches, this will lead you no where, but a warning. Note, that if you have 3 warnings, severe punishments will come.

Have fun here in Showdown Wrestling!
Bryan Travis

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