Showdown Wrestling's General Match Rules

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Showdown Wrestling's General Match Rules

Post by Bryan Travis on Tue 1 Aug - 22:49

By general match rules, I do not mean rules like Disqualifcation on, count outs, etc. I mean rules that applies regardless of the match stipulation. I just want the best match experience for everyone in this league and I will make sure that it's the case.

- To end a 1 ON 1 match you need to connect with a finisher but only when your opponent has one red body part and one yellow body part.

- If you have hit your opponent with a finisher, attempted a pin and he kicks out you can now end the match with a High Impact Move, Pinning/Diving Combination, OMG Finisher/Move or another Finisher attempt.

- If a finisher has been hit without the requirements and your opponent tells me so with a proof, the match will have to restart.

- Do not spam Taunts, we know they give buffs and we know they effect reversals.

- Communicate with your opponent if you think a rule or issue may arise, speak to staff.

- Do not use OMG moves until your opponent has at least one red body part.



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